The Wild World of Buck Bray — Book One The Missing Grizzly Cubs

written by Judy Young

Buck looked through his binoculars. He expected to hear a gunshot, but there was no sound. Instead he saw the grizzly suddenly flinch. It immediately stood upright on its hind legs and sniffed at the air. It let out a loud roar and, dropping back to all four feet, sprang into a run toward the bank.

“Holy cow,” Buck called out. “We’d better run!”

When eleven-year-old Buck Bray travels to Denali National Park in Alaska to shoot the first episode of a new kid-oriented wilderness show, he’s not only excited to be the star, he hopes to see a grizzly! Expecting to have wild adventures with his director father, he’s annoyed that Dad is all work and little play. And to make matters worse, Buck is stuck with the cameraman’s daughter, Toni, who unexpectedly shows up and seems to challenge every move Buck makes. But when two grizzly cubs mysteriously vanish into thin air, Buck and Toni work together, uncovering clues to explain the animals’ disappearance. As they try to solve the mystery, Buck and Toni soon realize it’s not the animal world they need to worry about.


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Written by Judy Young
Published by Sleeping Bear Press, 2016

227 pages


Kirkus Review: “Buck Bray is about to become the star of his own new nature series, with the first episode set in Denali National Park in Alaska. His father is in charge, Shoop is the cameraman, and Shoop’s adopted Asian daughter, Toni, is to be the “gofer.” …Through their own astute powers of observation and innate curiosity, Toni and Buck discover—then run afoul of—a grizzly-cub kidnapping trio. …[A] mystery with the added spice of danger and an engaging depiction of a distinctive and wondrous place. (Mystery. 8-12)”

School Library Journal: “Buck Bray and his father are headed off to Denali National Park in Alaska to film the first episode in a new reality show about a kid exploring the wilderness. While surveying the park, Buck and Toni, the cameraman’s daughter, discover that animals are going missing. What follows is an exciting mystery with an outdoorsy twist. The Alaskan setting is well researched and described, with facts about the wildlife integrated into the text as lines from the reality television show. Many readers looking for something reminiscent of Will Hobbs’s books will find this enjoyable.”