An Invisible Girl

written by Judy Young

so vivid and real
in this dream I touch, see, smell
but can’t awaken

Written in free verse poetry, this young adult novel for grades 8-12 poignantly reflects the feelings and concerns of a fifteen-turning-sixteen-year-old girl: worries of acceptance, wavering self-confidence, the power of family and friendship, the joy of a first kiss. However, an underlying tragedy pushes hopes and wishes aside, leaving a stark and haunting realization of the fragility of life.


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ISBN: 978-1-95046-290-2 Category:

A Novel for Young Adults in Free Verse Poetry

Published by Kelsay Books, 2020

Paperback, 76 pages


Amazon Reviewer: “An Invisible Girl” is writing at its very best. Every Single Word is chosen carefully to carry the reader through high school (oh, you WILL remember your array of classes and teenage emotions all over again) and a horrific event in the life of a teen who–but for the grace of God–could have been yourself. Don’t make the error to assume this is a book meant just for teens. This book is for anyone who loves powerful writing that conjures up images so clear you will be haunted by the story line long after you finish the last page. I hope this thin volume of powerful writing will catch the attention of those who deem choice literature to be Great Works of Art because An Invisible Girl deserves that kind of notice.”