The Wild World of Buck Bray—Book 2 Danger at the Dinosaur Stomping Grounds

written by Judy Young

Eleven-year-old Buck Bray, Toni Shoop and the rest of The Wild World of Buck Bray TV crew head to Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. They plan to film an episode about the canyons and rock formations and the ancient people who once inhabited the area. When they are told that dinosaur tracks and fossils can be seen nearby, the team decides to include those in their filming. However, Buck and Toni learn someone is vandalizing and even stealing some of the area’s ancient artifacts and they set out to discover who is behind these acts. It’s not long before the two kids find themselves in danger at the Dinosaur Stomping Grounds!


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Written by Judy Young
Published by Sleeping Bear Press, 2017

263 pages


Donovan’s Bookshelf: Book 2 in The Wild World of Buck Bray: Danger at the Dinosaur Stomping Grounds reaches ages 8-11 with a sequel to The Missing Grizzly Cubs that both stands well on its own and as the second series of adventures of Buck and Toni, part of a TV crew that travels the world.

This trip to Utah’s Canyonlands National Park uncovers a different problem: someone is vandalizing the park’s artifacts and stealing its fossils. Can Buck and Toni solve the case when they themselves are threatened? This works as both a stand-alone mystery and a satisfying series addition, so newcomers and old fans alike will find the action involving. The story requires no prior familiarity in order to prove inviting.

Kirkus Review: “Buck, 11-year-old star of a series of nature films for television, is back for a second outing, this time in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park… [when] they learn of dinosaur tracks and fossils located nearby and add these to their filming plans. Nick, a boy they meet while camping, begins to follow Toni and Buck around, creating friction between the pair. Buck is convinced that Nick is stealing things; Toni is pretty sure that Buck is just jealous… This is punctuated by some exciting moments, including a suspenseful climactic chase scene. (Mystery 9-12)”