Digger and Daisy Go to the Zoo

written by Judy Young

The first book in the Digger and Daisy series of K-1 Leveled Readers. Digger and Daisy are brother and sister who go on fun and humorous adventures together. When they visit the zoo, Digger tries to imitate the animals they see while Daisy tells him what he can and cannot do. But in the end, Digger surprises Daisy!

Also available in Spanish.


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Written by Judy Young
Illustrated by Dana Sullivan

Published by Sleeping Bear Press, 2013

32 pages


Kirkus Review: “In this early reader, a dog learns from his sister what he can and cannot do like other animals on a visit to the zoo. It is a hot day, so Digger, a spirited pup, and his older sister, Daisy, decide to go to the zoo. “Digger and Daisy look at birds. They see big birds. They see little birds. / Red birds. Green birds. Yellow and blue birds, too.” There is a nice rhythm to that, and it’s accompanied by nice cartoony artwork that readers will relate to, since, despite its subtle sophistication and adept lines, they might fancy they could do the same. Digger tries to imitate a flamingo standing on one leg, and he tumbles over. His sister tells him that he can’t do that but that he can walk on two legs. … It’s a lovely little tribute to sibling camaraderie.”

Feathered Quill Book Review: “This is a fun day with Digger and Daisy at the zoo that very young readers will love. Of course Digger thought he might just want to do a lot of things that the zoo animals could do, but every time he tried he simply couldn’t do them. Daisy, of course would laugh and then remind him there were things that he could do. Of course the humorous emphasis is on those fun things that Digger can do rather than those he can’t. The tale is very animated and the chipper artwork is perfect for this mini-adventure story. Digger and Daisy are a brother and sister team that will definitely be a hit series for beginning readers. The very youngest readers will love the new sister and brother team, Daisy and Digger, as they are off on their very first adventure!”