Digger and Daisy Go Camping

written by Judy Young

Book 7 in the Digger and Daisy K-1 I am a Reader Series. Digger and Daisy are brother and sister who go on fun and humorous adventures together. In Digger and Daisy Go Camping, the siblings head out to the woods to camp. Daisy says it will be fun but Digger isn’t too sure. There might be bears! Digger and Daisy hike and swim and camp. But when it comes time for bed, Digger has a hard time falling asleep. Is it a bear?


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Written by Judy Young
Illustrated by Dana Sullivan

Published by Sleeping Bear Press, 2019

32 pages


Pamela Kramer—Reviewing Books and Saving Animals: “A Perfect book to get kids ready for summer fun and maybe, just maybe, a camp-out one warm summer night. When Digger and Daisy decide to camp out on a lovely summer night, Digger is worried about bears. With every sound he hears, he thinks it’s a bear. But Daisy reassures him that the sounds are not bears, but rather harmless. Late at night, Daisy wakes to a sound that scares her! Children will love seeing the tables turned when Digger explains the scary sound. Sullivan’s bright, clever illustrations will keep readers looking and finding new items to point out. In Digger’s bedroom, blocks spell “truck” in front of Digger’s yellow truck. This series is a beginning reader series perfect for preschoolers through first graders just learning to read. The repeating words and simple plot will have beginning readers breezing through with a few practice reads. Summerific.”

Midwest Book Review: “Daisy is excited to go on a camping trip but Digger is worried about bears. Every noise they hear Digger thinks is a bear. Through the eyes of these two delightful characters, early readers will experience the joys of the great outdoors with hiking, singing with the birds, jumping in a lake, making a fire to roast marshmallows, and gathering nuts to eat. I loved the very funny and befitting ending, and your little ones will, too. (Ages 5-7)”